Friday, August 3, 2012

Keepin it real #3:The Friend Zone

Here at Kenyan Guru you know we are all for tech news and all that but once in a while there are just some very important that do not fall into our usual conversations in what I like to call Keepin it real.It being Friday I am sure some of you have already started plotting about the various set of adventures you have planned for the day and the weekend,but of late I have noticed that there is an increasing amount of people who are unaware of the Friend Zone.To put it simply this is the place where I am sure everybody has been in where you want a certain kafemale/kangarl/shorte/kamwari/kasupu to be your gal but instead she says that your friendship is just too dear to her in that she loves you like a brother and she just doesn't want to hurt your feelings and so on.By now am sure we are all on the same page so now we can get the ball rolling fast.To those of you still in the dark get yourself a kabundle and download a movie called Just Friends

Now that you are all up to speed how can you pre-emiptively avoid getting trapped in the friendzone?
Things to look out for;
-There is a lot of talk about previous relationships
-You never argue
-You are always in the company of 3 or more of her friends(1 out of these 3 usually doesn't drink and is usually sober no matter the occasion
-She calls you her best friend
-She says she loves you like a brother or even worse a little brother

The signs are many and so now once you discover what is afoot you will obviously ask yourself what to do next and here are a few things to start you off;

The reverse friendzone


You have to be extremely quick to accomplish this one and all it entails is a basic role reversal.Alot of douchebaggery must also come into play.One way of accomplishing this is by taking an extreme liking to her friends and also other girls she does not like or hate.This drives home the point that your confidence knows no limits and can reach very arrogant levels when need be.

The hanging tough

Gonna make it

The All In

Or you could hang in there and wait to see how things go.The outcomes are many,you could be BFFs forever and on your birthday you always know you are going to get a gift,and on hers you will do the same,you could end up together and live happily ever after(yes,its possible,haha),or worse you could end up together and make each other miserable and you will have acquired a very dangerous enemy who knows all your secrets and weaknesses(can't you see how worried Chris Brown is)

The riskiest and best option in my opinion,whip out your machine guns and storm into her heart bringing hell with you,no mushy romantic stuff,just lay all the feelings on the table and let her decide.The All in has to be done in the most bad-ass way possible because if it fails and you get shot down you need to land on your feet like you are so badass you can sleep walk on the moon

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